From zero to hero

Behind the Scenes: Crafting the Future – A Handmade Cinematic Commercial with Tons of Steel, 2200 Working Hours, and 600 Hours of 3D Printing

Making of a Futuristic Cinematic Spot: Crafting an Epic Adventure.

Take a peek behind the scenes of our latest commercial spot and discover the magic that went into creating this futuristic masterpiece! Forget CGI and green screens, our team of dedicated creatives put their skills to the test and created everything by hand, from the intricate steelwork to the massive light and rigging setup.

We even enlisted the help of comic con experts to design the stunning set and armor, ensuring that every detail was just right. And let's not forget the incredible 600 hours of 3D printing that went into bringing our vision to life! With a famous Austrian actor on board, this cinema spot is one that's not to be missed. We're proud to say that after 2200 working hours, we've created a commercial that's truly out of this world.

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