Art Director
I am like a magician who creates illusions with colors, shapes, and typography to make a brand look awesome and desirable, and who also spends a lot of time arguing with the copywriter (most of the time with July) about the font size.

A 28-year-old creative art director from Austria with a passion for creating visually stunning and memorable advertising campaigns. Anna's love of art and design began at a young age, and she honed her skills by studying graphic design and multimedia at university.

Anna is a master of visual storytelling and has a keen eye for detail. She is constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible, using innovative and unique techniques to create truly unforgettable ads. Her work often involves collaborating with other creative professionals, including copywriters, photographers, and video directors, to bring her concepts to life.

Anna's approach to advertising is all about creating a connection with the audience. Whether it's through a clever use of color or an unexpected twist, Anna's ads are always memorable and leave a lasting impression. When she's not working, Anna can be found exploring her local art scene, trying out new restaurants, or traveling to exotic destinations for inspiration.


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