I am like the conductor of an orchestra, except instead of music I am trying to make sense of a bunch of creatives running around like headless chickens. I am constantly balancing the chaos of ideas with the order of deadlines, all while trying to keep the company from going bankrupt. It's like being a referee in a game of quidditch, but with more spreadsheets and fewer flying broomsticks.

I bring a unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and passion to every project. My background in Film & Animation, combined with my experience directing commercials for both cinema and television, has led to multiple awards and recognitions.

I pride myself on taking on every new challenge with excitement and determination, and always giving 110% to ensure each project is a success. I'm a problem solver by nature, and I never give up until the seemingly impossible is achieved.

Whether it's through a new visual style, an innovative concept, or a fresh perspective, I always find ways to inject creativity into every aspect of my work. With my hands-on approach and ability to think outside the box, I'm a true creative at heart.

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