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BLIND - a musicvideo, a short film, a passion project

"Blind" is a music video that features an original song composed specifically for a large orchestra. The composer himself, who is an accomplished pianist, plays the piano in the video. The production was a massive undertaking that required five full days of filming to complete.

One of the unique aspects of the video was the location: a historic locomotive hall from the 19th century. The setting provided an incredible backdrop for the emotional story the video tells. The contrast between the old, industrial space and the beauty of the music and visuals created a powerful effect.

To round out the sound of the orchestra, a children's choir was also included in the production. Their voices added a unique layer to the already stunning music.

But one of the most unforgettable moments of the production came on one of the filming days. The crew had permission to film on an airport tarmac, and they took advantage of the opportunity to create some breathtaking shots. To add to the excitement, they even had a car explosion on the tarmac, which added a thrilling element to the video.

Overall, the production of "Blind" was an ambitious project that required extensive planning and coordination. But the result was a stunning, emotional music video that showcases the beauty and power of live orchestral music.

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