Operation Malle

When you decide to get married, it's normal to expect some unusual things to happen before the wedding. But maybe not a big prank.
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Operation Malle
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Operation Malle - prank of the year.

On July 11th around 8 pm, Dominic and Jakob were enjoying a peaceful evening together. It was meant to be a nice night, with cold beer in hand and pleasant conversations. Suddenly, Dominic's phone rings. It's Lukas! - "Hey, do you have a second? This might sound weird, but I can't explain it right now. Just listen to me. Take care of the suitcase I gave you and don't talk about it to anyone. Got it?"

At 10 pm, Dominic heads home. As soon as he opens his car door, the operation begins.

During the planning phase, the project turned into a passion project. Everyone was passionately dedicated in their free time, from numerous concept discussions and hours-long rehearsals to making-of shoots and final editing in post-production. It was pure fun from start to finish.

Of course, we hope that our project reaches as many people as possible.

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